Fire Prevention Request

Fire Prevention Request

Dear Princeton Court Co-owners: We hope that all of you enjoyed a happy holiday season and are well in the New Year. We were directed to contact everyone regarding a recent and unfortunate event that occurred in building 4961 East Ten Mile. That building suffered a fire in late December 2015. The damage is currently being … Read more

Before You Buy A Condominium

The Condominium lifestyle is attractive to many people looking to purchase real estate. And most people are familiar with some of the “upsides” to condo ownership, such as not having to shovel snow in the winter or mow the lawn in the summer. But anyone looking to buy into this lifestyle should make sure they … Read more

Dogs at Princeton Court

Princeton Court is a great place to enjoy condominium living, for both human residents and our canine friends. But there are a couple of rules to keep in mind: 1) The Bylaws (Article VI, Section 5) set the maximum weight for a dog at 15-pounds, with only one dog allowed at each Unit. 2) All … Read more

PCC Website Launched 8-20-12

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