A Condominium Association in Warren, MI


The Princeton Court Condos In Warren, Michigan

Recently updated with a new roof system, Princeton Court Condos in Warren Michigan is a rejuvenated medium-sized condominium complex complete with a swimming pool and spacious 1 bedroom condos, 2 bedroom condos and 3 bedroom condos.

You’ll enjoy a safer and more secure living community with CCTV cameras. Princeton Court Condos is a cheerful environment of friendly people actively seeking the very best quality of life for themselves and their neighbors.

Princeton Court Condos is in Warren and is conveniently located near a CVS Pharmacy and other national chains that are easily within walking distance. Washing machines and dryers are also available, and we have both ground floor and second floor condo units.

You’ll enjoy plenty of parking with a friendly and diverse community of neighbors, and a small wooded area on both sides. In addition, a very beautiful 2 mile walking park and children’s park is conveniently located directly behind our Warren, Michigan condo complex.

Parking On The Lot

1. Vehicle limits are based on the occupancy limits stated in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 1: a. For a 1 bedroom, two vehicles are permitted. b. For a 2 bedroom, three vehicles are permitted. c. For a 3 bedroom, four vehicles are permitted. d. No spaces shall be transferred from one unit to another. e. If there is more than one vehicle per unit, only one may be parked next to the building, and the other vehicle(s) must be parked in the outer parking area.

2. No vehicle shall be stored upon the complex grounds – all vehicles must have current Michigan license plates, tags and be operable.

3. Vehicle owners that leave fluid deposits (oil, transmission fluids, etc.) shall be notified to fix their cars and clean up the spill. These fluids will damage the parking surface and fluids may be tracked in on the hallways causing further damage to the carpeted areas. Any costs or damages to the Association may be assessed to and collected from the responsible co-owner in the same manner as set forth in Article II of the bylaws.

4. Do not back into the spaces immediately surrounding the buildings to avoid exhaust fumes and noises aimed at the buildings. Backing into the outside perimeter spaces is allowed.

5. No motorcycles, house trailers, commercial vehicles, boat trailers, boats, camping vehicles, camping trailers, snowmobiles / trailers may be parked or stored on the complex grounds.

6. Only visitors to the Condominium may park vehicles in the visitors-only parking spots. The Residents of any Unit in the Condominium shall not park any vehicles in the visitors-only parking spots.

7. All vehicles that are parked in the Association’s parking lots for any period of time overnight shall be registered with the Association’s Management Company (with the exception of visitors whom are using the visitor-only parking spots), and then approved by the Association. Coowners, tenants, guests, invitees, and/or occupants who intend on using any of the Association’s parking lots shall fill out and submit a Parking Registration Form, and provide a copy of a valid Michigan driver’s license and vehicle registration for each vehicle to the Association’s management company. Individuals may only register vehicles with the Association that they either own and are properly registered in their name with the State of Michigan. New residents whom have just moved into the Condominium shall have a thirty (30) day period in which to properly register any and all vehicles related to the Unit they occupy. Properly registered vehicles shall receive a sticker that reflects the registration. The sticker must be displayed on the left or right side of the vehicles windshield so that it can easily be observed. Any individual whom registers a vehicle that they do not own or is not registered in the individual’s name with the State of Michigan has not properly registered the vehicle and may not park on the premises overnight. The Association requires documentation to prove ownership or proper State Registration of the vehicle being registered. Once a vehicle registration is approved, registered vehicles shall place the Registration Sticker, provided by the Association, on the bottom of the interior of the vehicle’s front windshield, where it will not interfere with safe operation of the vehicle. Any vehicle parked in an Association parking space that is not registered or properly registered with the Association, or does not have the sticker properly displayed on the left or right side of the vehicle’s windshield, is subject to being towed for being in violation of the duly adopted rules and regulations and for not being a properly registered vehicle or not properly displaying the sticker. Any individual(s) or entity whose vehicle is towed as a result of the vehicle not being properly registered with the Association or not properly displaying the sticker as established above, shall be solely and completely responsible for any and all costs, fees, charges, and/or damages (hereinafter referred to as “costs and damages”) to the vehicle, that arises out of, or is in any way related to, the towing/storage of the vehicle. Limited visitor parking is available to guests of registered co-owners and registered tenants for overnight stay; providing the registered coowner or registered tenant lives in and abides in their condo. The Association, its Board of Directors, Management Company and agents shall have no liability 3 or responsibility to reimburse the individual(s) or entity for said costs and damages under any circumstances. The current towing company utilized by the Association is Ellis Brother’s Towing @ (586) 758-7792.

Garbage/Refuse Pick-up At Princeton Court Condos

It is important that the following guidelines are followed to ensure that all refuse put out will be picked up:

  • All refuse is to be stored within each unit until Trash Day. (Thursday Morning@ 6:00 AM)
  • All refuse is to be put out for pick-up in SEALED HEAVY PLASTIC BAGS.
  • Cans, plastic bottles and glass must be placed loose in the red recycling bins.
  • All newspaper is to be put in paper bags for the red recycling bin, marked WARREN CITY REFUSE DEPARTMENT.
  • All boxes should be broken down and tied in bundles. Pick-up will be once a week on THURSDAY mornings. Do not put refuse out until WEDNESDAY EVENING AFTER 6:00 P.M.
  • During a Holiday week trash pick-up, will be delayed one day to Friday morning, so refuse shall not be put outside until THURSDAY EVENING AFTER 6:00 P.M. for the Friday pickup.
  • Refuse is to be bagged and then placed in neat piles in your designated areas.
  • No refuse is to be left anywhere other than the designated areas or at any other time.
  • Any trash or trash bags that are left out in violation of these rules/regulations need to be removed immediately. Should the co-owner(s)/tenant(s) not remove the trash or trash bags in violation of these rules/regulations, any charge incurred by the Association in removing the trash or trash bags shall be the responsibility of the Co-owner(s) whose unit the trash or trash bags originated from.

These costs and fees are not a fine, but shall be charged to the Co-owner(s)’ account pursuant to Article XI, Section1(c) of the Condominium Bylaws when the Association has to remove or abate a condition in violation of the Governing Documents. In addition, the Association will also send out Violation Notices to Co-owner(s) whom violate these provisions, and fine them pursuant to the procedure set forth in the bylaws and these rules and regulations.