Fire Prevention Request

Dear Princeton Court Co-owners:

We hope that all of you enjoyed a happy holiday season and are well in the New Year. We were directed to contact everyone regarding a recent and unfortunate event that occurred in building 4961 East Ten Mile. That building suffered a fire in late December 2015.

The damage is currently being repaired through an insurance claim filed by Princeton Court Condominiums. The damage affected two units; the upper unit where the fire occurred and the unit directly below. In addition, there was damage to the common hallway of the building. The City of Warren Fire Department determined that the cause of the fire was from the dish washer in the home. The dishwasher was left running while the resident of the home went out, and the fire occurred while the resident was outside the home. It is requested that all Princeton Court residents not run their home’s dishwasher when they will be leaving the home.

Co-Owners with tenants, please make they are aware of what recently happened and ensure they make their best effort to not run their dishwashers while gone from home. In addition, please refrain from using live Christmas trees and leaving lit candles unattended. This event, along with several others in the past couple of years, have had an undesired effect on the Princeton Court Condominium’s Insurance premiums and coverages. Furthermore, we have recently discovered bare wires in the hallway light fixtures, and they will be updated and replaced ASAP for your protection.

It is very important that all co-owners and tenants comply with all the rules and safety policies administered by Princeton Court Condominiums to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you all good fortune in 2016, and rest assured we are doing everything humanely possible to protect the welfare of all Princeton Court Condo residents and their properties.


Metro Group Management Corp